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Value can be defined as outcomes that matter to patients over the costs associated with delivering those outcomes. VBM puts patients at the center—the goal is delivering outcomes that matter to patients, not health care providers or health systems, and doing so in a way that is most cost-effective so as to serve the greatest number of patients.


The HealthValueLab is a student-led endeavor, created by pre-medical and medical students at the University of California San Diego and Emory University under the guidance of faculty attendings.


The data used for the Value Calculator is a combination of the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule. Future iterations will include options to filter by hospital-specific data.

Anatomy of a Bill

What is value-based health care?

Value-based care is defined as the outcomes that matter to patients divided by the total costs of care. In association with the “A Bill You Can Understand” national challenge, a recent research report by strategic design consultancy Mad*Pow surveyed 355 patients and revealed that 61% found their medical bills confusing or very confusing. Most patients identified providers or their billing department as the root cause of their frustration and errors, and many reported that they now avoid seeking medical care as a result of their medical bills. Confusion around medical bills is increasingly decreasing the value of care.

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